Jean-Paul Samputu Korea Tour Day 3

I’ve made a 40 min talk today at the conference Better Together 2017.

Check out the press release about me  here (sorry it is all written in Korean).

However, if you scroll further down in the article you can enjoy at least the Youtube videos! 😉

And of course, I have also performed some songs to public who was more than delighted.


Also, should you be interested in knowing a bit more about the project, you can find more information here. Please scroll down as well for English version.

Jean-Paul Samputu Korea Tour Day 2

Today is the opening of Better Together 2017 event held at the Old Tobacco Factory in Cheongju, Korea. 

It is a 3-day retreat bringing together changemakers, dreamers and practitioners from all around the world for an exciting exchange of believes and ideas. This great event is a celebration of being #BetterTogether

Enjoy my today performances…

Jean-Paul Samputu Korea Tour Day 1

As you can imagine, it was a long trip from London to South Korea. Almost 11 hours flight. This is not for the faint heart! I know there are longer trip than 11 hours but this one I have just done is already quite something. Anyway,  arrived yesterday safely. I am glad and thanks God. Ready to kick out the tour in South Korea!  The two picture below are taken with two students in a Korean high school performance.