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Jean Paul Samputu

"Forgiveness is the most powerful unpopular weapon against terrorism and atrocity" Jean-Paul Samputu

Jean Paul Samputu, Ambassador for Peace

Singer, songwriter, and peace activist from Rwanda, Jean Paul Samputu has distinguished himself as one of the most important African musician of the world.

With 16 albums under his belt, the Rwandan singer has an international career spanning 30 years.

He was the winner of the prestigious Kora Award (the “African Grammy”) for Best African Traditional Artist in 2003 and the 1st place winner under the World Music category of the distinguished International Songwriting Competition in 2006, in Nashville,for his song ‘Psalm 150’.

Jean Paul was also designated as the first World Rhythms Fellow for the University of Dayton.

He is the Universal Peace Federations’ Ambassador for Peace. He has received many accolades from the United Nations on behalf of his work toward peace, forgiveness and reconciliation.  He is a tireless worker for Peace and a dedicated advocate on the issue of forgiveness.

Samputu’s music testifies to the tragedy as well as to his hopes for the future. He educates young people against genocide through panel discussions and forums at colleges and universities.

Jean Paul Samputu is the Patron of APIE (A Partner in Education), a British non-governmental organization supporting primary school education in Rwanda.

In addition, Samputu is the Patron of Hope in the Heart, a British non-governmental organization involved in “empowering people to improve their lives, communities and world by accepting their challenges, uniting with others and nourishing the spark of hope within.”

Finally, Samputu is the Ambassador of Music Action International, a British non-governmental organization that engages with “singing and songwriting to support war and torture survivors find peace through personal expression and collective experience.”